Lawyer Up: Who Will Monitor this Consent Decree?
5:30 pm17:30

Lawyer Up: Who Will Monitor this Consent Decree?

Under the terms of the City of Baltimore Consent Decree, an Independent Monitor is selected to assess and report on whether the requirements of this Agreement have been implemented. Between June 16th and July 17th residents are able to review and comment on the monitor applications. 

BALT is hosting a community education workshop to discuss how residents can be involved in selecting the monitor. Join us on June 27th at the Ruth M. Kirk recreational center if you are interested in learning more about the process and what is at stake.

6:00 pm18:00

LBS Host Malcolm X Talks: Economic and Community Development

  • National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

Join BALT partner, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle for their April Malcolm X Talk Co-Sponsored by The Harbor Bank of Maryland.

Many people like to talk about economic, community development and wealth creation. This discussion talks about what it actually means and the strategies and actions that actually make it happen.

We will look at the fundamentals of macroeconomics and provide a practical view as it relates to the African-American community.

This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Click HERE to RSVP 

Public Fairness Hearing for DOJ Consent Decree
9:00 am09:00

Public Fairness Hearing for DOJ Consent Decree

U.S. District Court Judge James Bredar scheduled a Public Fairness Hearing on April 6th to determine if the the consent decree is “fair, adequate, and reasonable and is not illegal, the product of collusion, or against the public interest.”

Community Event | Anatomy of a Civil Rights Prosecution: The Rodney King Case
6:00 pm18:00

Community Event | Anatomy of a Civil Rights Prosecution: The Rodney King Case

The American Constitution Society and the National Lawyers Guild will host an interactive presentation geared for lawyers and law students.  Barry Kowalski, one of the two lead prosecutors in the 1993 trial of Los Angeles police officers involved in the beating of Rodney King, will describe in detail the federal government's investigation, and the case it presented that led to its successful prosecution of the officers.  He will also show the video of the assault on King that sparked outrage worldwide.  



Lawyer Up! | DOJ Report + How to Demand Police Reform
6:30 pm18:30

Lawyer Up! | DOJ Report + How to Demand Police Reform

  • Gallery CA

Come together with the Baltimore community to discuss what changes we want the DOJ to demand of the Baltimore Police Department.

The recent DOJ report confirmed what the people of Baltimore have known for a long time- change is needed in the Police Department. When the DOJ makes such a finding, the next step could be one of two things. Either the Police Department agrees to make needed changes, or the Police Department refuses and the DOJ takes the Police Department to court to have the court order the needed changes. The Baltimore Police Department has agreed to make changes without being taken to court. 

The DOJ will be negotiating an agreement - called a consent decree - with the Police Department. The DOJ has asked the people of Baltimore to tell them what changes we want from BPD. On Aug. 30th we will come together to make a list of demands to give to the DOJ. 

We will have folks familiar with other consent decrees on hand to answer and talk about what has worked, and not worked, elsewhere. Most importantly, we will collect suggestions from you and take them to the DOJ. We need Baltimore based solutions and creative ideas from our community. For that, we need you!

We will be joined by:
Ray C. Kelly
No Boundaries Coalition of Central West Baltimore

Carlton T. Mayers, II
Policing Reform Policy Counsel
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

Sunita Patel
Practitioner in Residence
Civil Advocacy Clinic
American University Washington College of Law

David Rocah
Senior Staff Attorney
ACLU of Maryland

Put on in partnership between the Baltimore Action Legal Team and Baltimore BLOC. Hosted by Gallery CA.

Lawyer Up Series | Economic Violence in Baltimore
7:00 pm19:00

Lawyer Up Series | Economic Violence in Baltimore

  • The Living Well

***Time change. The event will now start at 7pm***

Come discuss economic violence’s impact on Baltimore.  The conversation will focus on:  housing justice, workplace justice, and food security.  After a brief discussion of the issues,  we will focus on solutions with insight from all who are able to attend.

BALT’s Dorcas Gilmore will lead the discussion with Eric Jackson from the Black Yield Institute, Matt Zernhelt from Maryland Legal Aid, and Courtney Jenkins from the Baltimore Black Worker Center.

Food will be provided

Presented by the Baltimore Action Legal Team

For more information:


6:30 pm18:30

Lawyer Up Series | Race and the Jury System

Please join BALT on February 23 at the Village Learning Place to discuss Race and the Jury system.  

The panel will feature members of Baltimore Racial Justice Action, Josh Insley, and Michael Ross. We'll be discussing the differences between a jury trial and trial by judge and the role of the jury within the context of structural racism. 

10:00 am10:00

Community Event | CALL TO ACTION!!! Help create real police reform in Maryland. SUPPORT HB 760!

From LBS:

We need YOU to show up in Annapolis on February 23rd to support legislation that will lead to more police accountability in Maryland. BUC member Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle alongside other activists and advocates in the state have been working in Annapolis to ensure that we pass REAL police reform.

State legislators in the democratic leadership are actively working to co-opt the work that activists have been putting in during the past year. We can't let that happen. 

We will have free food and transportation to Annapolis on February 23rd. If you can come, click the button below to RSVP and save your spot on the bus!"

RSVP Here:

Lawyer Up Series | Reducing Police in Baltimore Schools
6:30 pm18:30

Lawyer Up Series | Reducing Police in Baltimore Schools

The "school-to-prison pipeline" refers to the policies and practices that push our nation's schoolchildren, especially our most at-risk children, out of classrooms and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems.  This pipeline reflects the prioritization of incarceration over education. The panel will discuss the school to prison pipeline in Baltimore schools, the role of Baltimore school police, the rights of students in relation to police in schools and on the street, and how students can organize to make their voices heard.

Panelists include:

  • Jenny Egan, Asst. Public Defender with the Juvenile Division of the Office of the Public Defender
  • Tara Huffman, Director, Criminal and Juvenile Justice Program, Open Society Institute-Baltimore
  • Tre Murphy, Organizer, Baltimore BLOC

Location: Red Emma's 30 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201 (corner of Maryland Ave. and North Ave.)

Food will be provided for students.

11:00 am11:00

Community Event | Black Legislative Agenda Day: From the Baltimore Grassroots

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle is pleased to convene the 2nd Annual Black Legislative Agenda Day: From the Baltimore Grassroots.  

LBS hopes that those working in the grassroots can use this as an opportunity to work collaboratively on our efforts in Annapolis to support legislation that will help our communities.

We ask that community organizations contact us about what they are working on during the MD Generally Assembly and we will designate time for each group to present what they are working and will have an opportunity to answer questions from the community and ask for people to help with your project. We look forward to your participation.

If you would like to present on your particular issue at the forum, please fill out the online form so we can have your information. 

If you have any questions, please email us at

When: November 21st, 11am to 3pm

Where: Coppin State University, Health and Human Services Building (RM 103)

Sponsored by: Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle and the Urban Studies Department at Coppin State University

Register here:

10:00 am10:00

Community Event | The Drug War Against Black America

The Future of Freedom Foundation and The Morgan State University Pre-Law Association present a one-day conference on the campus of Morgan State University at the University Student Center Theater on Saturday, November 14, 2015, that will address the war on drugs and its adverse consequences on American society, especially on African-Americans.

"The Drug War Against Black America" will feature an all-star lineup of expert speakers on the drug war, including Radley Balko (Washington Post), Neill Franklin (LEAP), Kassandra Frederique (Drug Policy Alliance), Seema Sadanandan (ACLU), and Joseph Scalia (Baltimore attorney).

The highlights include:

  • Talks focusing on the negative consequences of the drug war.
  • Free box lunch for all attendees.
  • Ending the day, the speakers will participate in a Q&A panel discussion.

 This event is free and open to the public — registration required — space is limited.

To register:

Lawyer Up Series | A Community Talk about Baltimore's Broken Bail System
6:30 pm18:30

Lawyer Up Series | A Community Talk about Baltimore's Broken Bail System

Todd H. Oppenheim, an attorney in the Felony Trial Division of the Public Defender's Office for Baltimore City, will outline the bail review, the first step in a long process of denying indigent defendants their rights. Mr. Oppenheim will then show how pretrial incarceration due to high bails effects what happens during the life of cases (for representation, and the client's physical and mental states). From there, he will discuss how the resolution of a case (plea, trial or dismissal) is often determined by bail status. The talk will conclude with some possible solutions to the bail problem such as the federal model. The discussion will focus on real examples of injustice that the general public doesn't always experience. Mr. Oppenheim has 11 years of experience through which he has represented thousands of clients and had numerous trials.

Location: Coppin State University, Room 103 of the Health and Human Services Building, 2500 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21216. (located adjacent to parking lot C)

Presented through a partnership of: Baltimore BLOC, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, the Coppin State University Urban Studies Program, and the Baltimore Action Legal Team.

8:30 am08:30

Community Event | Baltimore City Pro Boo-no Day

Join the Bar Association of Baltimore City, Maryland Legal Aid, Pro Bono Resource Center and Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service as they offer free civil legal services on Saturday, October 31st.

Attorneys can volunteer to provide brief legal advice, or to assist with the logistics of the event.

Maryland Legal Aid - 500 East Lexington Street Baltimore, MD 21202



6:00 pm18:00

Legal Observer Appreciation Party

The Maryland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and the Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT) invite you to a party to show our appreciation for the many legal observers who volunteered during the Baltimore Uprising. People interested in becoming legal observers for future events are also very welcome.

Brief discussion of legal observer efforts this past year and in the near future in Baltimore City

Tour the Eubie Blake Cultural Center and see artwork by local artists

Music••Beer & Wine••Bottled Water••Snacks & Light Fare

Casual dress

Free on-street parking beginning at 6:00 P.M.

5:30 pm17:30

Legal Observer Training

Come out to our LO Training at University of Baltimore Law School (1401 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD). For more information, email us at