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Lawyer Up Series | A Community Talk about Baltimore's Broken Bail System

Todd H. Oppenheim, an attorney in the Felony Trial Division of the Public Defender's Office for Baltimore City, will outline the bail review, the first step in a long process of denying indigent defendants their rights. Mr. Oppenheim will then show how pretrial incarceration due to high bails effects what happens during the life of cases (for representation, and the client's physical and mental states). From there, he will discuss how the resolution of a case (plea, trial or dismissal) is often determined by bail status. The talk will conclude with some possible solutions to the bail problem such as the federal model. The discussion will focus on real examples of injustice that the general public doesn't always experience. Mr. Oppenheim has 11 years of experience through which he has represented thousands of clients and had numerous trials.

Location: Coppin State University, Room 103 of the Health and Human Services Building, 2500 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21216. (located adjacent to parking lot C)

Presented through a partnership of: Baltimore BLOC, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, the Coppin State University Urban Studies Program, and the Baltimore Action Legal Team.