In order for Baltimore residents and activists to effectively exercise their right to protest the killing of people of color and the misuse of police power, they need to know that in the event of their arrest, they will have legal support to defend them from that same abusive police power. BALT’s Jail Support Team starts this work on the front-end by providing public education at the site of protests. Jail Support members distribute the hotline phone number and information about what to do if you are arrested. For protesters and activists who are arrested, the Jail Support team provides immediate support, negates release and bail issues, and provides ongoing administrative case support.

To that end, BALT runs a 24/7 jail support hotline, provides care outside of the Baltimore City Detention Center (“BCDC”) upon inmate release (including meals, water, morale support, transportation, and medical support), identifies arrestees, directs legal volunteers to conduct jail visits, and helps to negotiate bonds and release.