BALT's Consent Decree Recommendations

BALT maintains that many areas of reform are needed, but we have directed comment and recommendations on the following critical areas: 1) unconstitutional stops, frisks, searches, and arrests; 2) the current and historical role of BPD in the greater system of structural racism; 3) infringement on individuals’ rights of free speech and assembly; 4) gender bias in policing; and 5) implementation of a community-led monitoring system over BPD and the Consent Decree. In addition, BALT drafted a separate section devoted strictly to policies that affect young people. BALT agrees with the Movement for Black Lives that ending the criminalization and 1 dehumanization of Black Youth cannot wait and must be centered in any conversation about police reform. For that reason, we chose to create separate, distinct, and extensive recommendations for provisions that apply specifically to young people.